Good Shepherd Rosary Trail

Located just across Shrine Creek is a walking path called the Good Shepherd Rosary Trail which is wheelchair navigable.  This path begins with a bronze plaque of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, who reaches out and cares especially for those who are less fortunate in the “eyes of the world”.

As a remembrance to the late Bishop Michael Kenny of the Juneau Diocese, this trail is dedicated to him, for he represented the Good Shepherd in many ways, particularly in his respect for life from conception to death.

As one walks this trail, you will come upon four semi-circled areas, each one containing five bronze plaques of the Rosary. The first area represents the Joyful Mysteries, the second are the Sorrowful Mysteries, the third are the Glorious Mysteries, and the fourth are the Luminous Mysteries.  The present form of the Rosary was established in the Middle Ages, after the Hail Mary became popular.  The Luminous Mysteries were added by St. Pope John Paul II during the Jubilee Year of 2000 which meditate on the Ministry of Christ.  The name “rosary” indicates a garland of roses.  Linked together in a systematic way, the Rosary beads symbolize a crown of roses.  The rosary is scripturally based, Christ-centered and is a rich devotional source of prayer for many Catholics and non-Catholics alike.