Columbarium and Gardens

The Shrine Columbarium was constructed on Shrine property overlooking Pearl Harbor in 1998. The Columbarium is a final resting place for ashes of many Catholics and non-Catholic Christians awaiting the Resurrection. Besides containing the black Zimbabwe granite columns of burial niches, the Columbarium contains other features of importance.  The stones that line the wall of the Columbarium, the twelve large stones in sets of three, the stone altar, and the granite-faced cross, all have symbolic Christian significance dating back from the time of Christ to the present.

This holy, blessed and dedicated place for the interment of the cremains of loved ones is enhanced by the Biblical and Marian Gardens that flourish during the growing season each year.  The plants found in these gardens are representatives of similar or related plants mentioned throughout the Bible or found in church tradition, particularly in relationship to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The initial research, development and success of the gardens can be attributed to the efforts of Ed and Janis Buyarski.

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